About Hearty Center

Founded by Thu Le in 2020, her goal is to support people with cancer and chronic illnesses throughout their journey by spreading her knowledge and experiences. Thu noticed that most patients after treatment were expected to immediately live their normal life again, but this turned out to be difficult for some of them.

Hearty Center was established to assist and allow these people to have a unique and relaxing experience while gradually have a better quality of life. This is achieved through nutritional counselling and onsite services that empower one’s body, mind and spirit. As a result, Hearty Center is Australia’s first-ever healthcare service that provides both accommodation and holistic support for patients with cancer or chronic diseases.

At Hearty Center, our mission is to redefine your experience with cancer or other illnesses.

It is our goal to assist all patients throughout their journey by strongly focusing on their pre-, during or post-treatment symptoms.

We help you achieve the natural healing processes of the:

1) Body

  • Educating yourself on healthy and nutritional food sources
  • Exercising regularly
  • Getting quality sleep and rest

2) Mind

  • Learning to identify and articulate personal feelings
  • Establishing personal rules and boundaries
  • Setting appropriate goals for yourself to achieve

3) Spirit

  • Discovering a meaningful life
  • Developing time for regular meditation, worship or prayer

At Hearty Center, our mission is to redefine your experience with cancer or other illnesses.

It is our goal to assist all patients throughout their journey by strongly focusing on their pre-, during or post-treatment symptoms.

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Thu Le thought she had lost both her liberty and life to cancer when she was diagnosed with breast, thyroid and uterine cancer around 10 years ago. But her determination kept her strong as she tried to fight back the dreadful disease.

Upon learning the importance of providing adequate support to body, mind and spirit, Thu regained balance and unity in her health, which gave her the boost she needed to win her battle. But Thu didn’t want to stop there, she wanted to help people who are in a similar situation as her win their battles too.

When having consultations with Thu, not only does she provide her knowledge and experience, but she curates specific lifestyle changes and nutritional plans for her patients as not everyone is the same.

In addition, she wanted to bring accessibility and convenience when helping her patients, which led to the establishment of Hearty Center Cancer Retreat.

As a result, they can stay and relax while enjoying unique services and have consultations with various wellness experts, which are all available at the place.

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Cancer is a dreaded disease. At some stage in our lives, we will all be directly or indirectly affected by it.

Although there have been advancements in our medical system where cancer can be cured through chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery, these medical solutions may come with severe side effects.

Furthermore, cancer strikes fear into people and causes them to be anxious in anticipating what comes next. There is a notion that the only way to approach cancer is to focus on its physical manifestations.

At Hearty Center, we acknowledge this, but we also deal with the stress and emotional devastation of cancer. As a result, we constructed a team of nutritional wellness experts to provide physical and mental support towards cancer patients.

This is done with the necessary care, nutrition, natural and holistic support to reduce and manage post-treatment symptoms of cancer.

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Besides providing accommodation and food, Hearty Center has various services available to everyone, regardless of their health condition. Some of these unique services can also help us identify the causes of your problems.

For example, the body composition analysis, spectrophotometry and DNA nutrition tests give our wellness experts a better understand of your health so that they can provide you relevant and necessary recommendations.

Additionally, other benefits from our services include detoxification via colon hydrotherapy, relaxation via near-infrared sauna and rehabilitation via massage devices.

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are a cancer patient or just someone who is pursuing a healthy lifestyle, our special services are designed to holistically support everybody.

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Body. Mind. Spirit

We focus on…

  • Discovering a more meaningful life or purpose.
  • Making time for regular meditation, worship, prayer or visualization
  • Food sources.
  • Exercise regularly
  • Getting quality sleep and rest
  • Identifying and articulating my feelings.
  • Establishing personal rules.
  • Setting goals regarding my health, finances, education, body, creativity, relationships

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