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Discover a place of healing with holistic support for the body, mind and spirit.

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What we do

We support cancer patients by focusing on their nutrition pre, during or post-cancer treatment.

Before or after undergoing any type of cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or surgery, relax at Hearty Center where we will use all the weapons in our arsenal such as meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, and natural therapies to help you combat the treatment side effects and manage the stress and emotional devastation caused by cancer.

Connect with nature

Mountain Getaway

Located two kilometres from the famous Three Sisters and close to many major bushwalks, our location offers the perfect choice to heal and reconnect with nature.


An Enchanting Property

Located in Katoomba, Hearty Center is a magnificent retreat surrounded by beautiful gardens, stunning views and country charm.

Get to know us

Meet the Founder: Thu Le

After being diagnosed with breast, uterus and thyroid cancer more than 10 years ago, Thu used her body, mind and spirit to give her the boost she needed to eventually win her battle. Upon discovering the success of her methods, Thu set out to research various dietary and spiritual treatments to help cancer sufferers feel nourished and energised. Thu has an outstanding array of 26 diplomas, degrees and certificates obtained in Australia, Netherlands, UK, USA and Vietnam. These all have contributed to the foundation of Hearty Center, a retreat for cancer patients that helps improve their health outcomes, combat side effects of treatments and most importantly help to manage the physical and emotional stress that a cancer diagnosis can bring.

My health and happiness are dependent on nurturing and balancing the needs of my body, mind and spirit. It is now my passion to share my journey with others to help them discover how their true balance can be achieved.


The power behind us

At Hearty Center our team of wellness experts combine all their knowledge to provide you with the necessary care, nutrition and natural treatments to reduce and manage the cancer treatment side effects.

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Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

~ Hippocrates

Body. Mind. Spirit.

Our Services

Healing nutrition

Eat your way to a vibrant and healthy life

You can lower your risk of cancer by eating a healthy diet. Healthy eating habits are also important during and after cancer treatment. Hearty Center provides cancer care for its patients by following nutrition therapy and natural medicine. These services help cancer patients keep a healthy body weight and body tissue, maintain strength and decrease side effects both during and after treatment.

Hearty Center offers oncology nutrition programs for anybody who has experienced:

  • Cancers of any type and stage.
  • Discharged from hospital after cancer treatment and in need of a place to heal.
  • Refusal for chemotherapy, radiation or surgery.
  • Not suitable for chemotherapy (e.g. pregnant, breast-feeding, elderly, too young…).
  • Undergone chemotherapy, radiation or surgery years ago and in need of an oncology nutrition plan to prevent recurrence.
  • Wanting to experience a healthy diet and learn how nutrition may help prevent cancer.
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